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What Will Development Trends Be Like In The Shearing Industry Over The Coming Year

November 14, 2014 Shearing Industry

When it comes to best selling products within the tile press industry, after power-generation equipment, which comes in at number one - there is only one other product to consider; the hydraulic cutter. Over recent years, there has been a gradual alleviation of pressure on the power supply industry. This is because the production volume within power-generation equipment has been rapidly increasing over recent years. There are still many generator sets sat waiting to be installed in many power supply enterprises. This means that the demand for thermal power equipment will drop rapidly.

When it comes to production contracts that have already been signed, there is going to be delay in executing these contracts. This is going to mean that manufacturers may not get paid on time. Hydraulic guillotine shearing machines are used in the manufacturing of thermal power equipment. This means that the coming year may be a tough one for hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers. But it is not all bad news, and in fact manufacturers like Preci-Shear who make shearing machines have a huge alternative market to tap in to. This includes hydroelectric equipment, wind power equipment, and nuclear power equipment. The demand from these industries is likely to increase in the coming year.

Hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers, like Preci-Shear are seeing an increase in orders from customers. In fact, from January to September, the number of orders has increased by 27% over what it was during January to September last year. So manufacturers are able to keep production at normal levels.

We Predict The Following Trends:

  • The impact of the financial crisis may not hit the mechanical industry until next year.
  • Easily achieved profit increases are gone. Companies must optimize to be successful.
  • Demand in the automobile industry may reduce in the coming years. This means that the overall demand for hydraulic cutters may be more of a smooth increase rather than strong growth.
  • Companies must optimize their export structure. This is because export volumes are no longer skyrocketing. Although they are still seeing double digit increases, so this isn't a huge problem at the moment.

We need to be optimistic about demand for transformation equipment and power transmission. This is partly because of potentially increased demand from China, who are investing heavily in a refit of their power network, both in their rural areas, as well as large cities and urban areas. This will potentially increase the demand for guillotine shears, and hydraulic guillotine shearing machines dramatically, as they will be required for the demand for power transmission equipment. This should mean that the industry will keep high levels of growth and development, despite some of the poorer signals coming from some quarters. Companies like Preci-Shear can expect to see demand increase.


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