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MS 25 5 - Hydraulic guillotine shear
Two hold-down on left side are installed closer together to cut small plates.
Precision milled parts and massive structure ensures the performance of our shear and it
MS 25 5 | Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Preci-Shear’s  MS 25 5 guillotine shearing machine is perfect for custom metal fabrication applications. It comes with the capacity to cut the most demanding materials accurately and efficiently. Its heavy duty frame offers a no-give attitude when cutting; which is why you can achieve such precise results without having to make adjustments. Get it right the first time!

Standard Features:

  • 83” long and 42” wide with a cutting length of 60.375”
  • 26" back-gauge, featuring precision lead screws driven by a timing belt
  • Our four support arms are rounded for damage prevention and easy handling of materials
  • All of our shearing machine’s hydraulic and mechanical parts are standardized and readily available throughout North America
  • Rigged with two overload protection systems that regulate by limiting hydraulic pressure & electrical amp draw
  • Ram immediately returns to the “UP” position if the remote foot-pedal control is released anywhere in the stroke
  • Preci-Shear’s low speed electric motor & low hydraulic pressure ensures long life and operator safety
  • Sectional blades are more efficient and easier and cheaper to repair
  • Standard  D2 High Carbon premium quality tool steel blades
  • Front operated PLC touch screen control with simple go-to
  • See-through guards allow for accurate and safe operation
  • Fully enclosed control panel c/w low voltage controls
  • Low rake angle to minimize work piece distortion
  • 48" squaring arm c/w measurement indicator



Cutting Capacity (Rated 80,000 PSI Tensile) 1/4" MS - 3/16" SS
Cutting Length 60.375
Rake Angle 0.250 per ft.
Strokes Per Minute 16 full strokes
Number of Hold-down cylinders 10
Motor 15 HP 1760 RPM
Voltages Available 230 / 460 / 575 3 PH.60 HZ.
Table Depth to Blade 31.125"
Table Working Height 35.500"
Footprint 83" long x 42" wide
Weight (approx.) 7000 lbs.
Hydraulic Fluid 160 liters / 42 US Gal.
AW 68 or equivalent.


Example of steel cut at 86°:

Using other models the ram & blade come down at a fixed relief angle, which gives you an offset cut equal to the relief angle.

Example of steel cut at 90°:

With Preci-Shear's Guillotine Shears the ram & blade come down at 90° to give you a straight 90° cut.
Our top blade has a 5 back-bevel to ensure a clean cut.
  • Large bore cylinders run at low operating pressure, assuring long life on all hydraulic components
  • The ram & two cylinders are connected together using two hardened micro-finished link pins
  • Equal pressure & equal rake-angle are maintained throughout the full stroke of the ram
  • Trouble-free hold-downs will never leak oil and will probably never require service
  • The two pivot points use maintenance-free bearings that require no lubrication
  • Two hold-downs on left side are installed closer together to cut small plates
  • Hold-downs have large pressure pads to protect sensitive work pieces
Large Gibs
  • Allows ram to follow through below bottom blade
  • All gibs have full length blood lines for grease
  • Backside gibs eliminate lateral movement
  • Gives ram precision cutting abilities
  • 4 large gibs located front & back
Side Frames
  • We mill the inside and outside of the frame, then the contour of the frame is milled
  • All major components of our shearing machines are precision milled
  • Frame strength exceeds tensile strengths of materials being cut
  • Our side frames are milled from 2.250" steel plate
  • Our side frames are milled on all six sides
  • Low noise due to heavy-duty design
Ram & Ram Brace
  • Ram brace is bolted to the back of the ram which adds additional support
  • Brace and gussets are all welded to the ram for a truly solid design
  • Reinforced ram delivers ultimate rigidity and dampening
  • Ram & brace are milled down to 2.75" thick
  • Design eliminates deflection
  • All 6 sides machined
Frame Design
  • Easily cut differing dimensions of material without adjusting shears
  • Massive frames eliminate errors and the need for adjustments
  • Based on proven traditional shearing machine designs
  • Completely fixed blade gap & rake angle settings
  • Heavy-duty design eliminates problems
  • Easily cut 1/4 inch and under materials
  • No need for rake angle adjustments
  • No need for blade gap adjustments
  • Top and bottom blades are sectional (30.5") which allows for easy repairs
  • Sectional blades are easily repaired at any local shop
  • Our standard blades are D2 High Carbon Tool Steel
  • Quality tested to prove high performance
  • Less expensive to repair or replace
  • Hold downs never leak oil, have pressure pads and generally require no servicing
  • Ram & cylinders are connected with 2 hardened micro-finished link pins
  • Pivot points use maintenance free bearings (no lubrication required)
  • Equal pressure & rake angle is maintained throughout stroke
  • See through safety guards allow for accurate cutting


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