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Low speed electric motor
Low speed electric motor & low hydraulic working pressure ensures long life.
Overload protection systems
Two overload protection systems are regulated by limiting hydraulic pressure & electrical amp draw.

​Hydraulic Guillotine Shears : North America’s Leader in Precision

Precision. Quality. Performance.  Every time. At Preci-Shear, those guiding values lead to the design of our above-standard hydraulic shears. We take pride in the fact that our design offers the highest level of precision available in shearing machine technology today. Because our heavy-duty frame is based on proven traditional designs, our guillotine shears will outperform the competition every time. Our hydraulic shears also offer an incredible amount of precision because of their heavy-duty design.

Old-Fashioned Know-How. Many shearing machines on the market today are designed using lightweight materials and have a tendency to deflect when cutting. In years past, shearing machinery was designed and built with far greater amounts of steel and cast iron. This meant that there was no need for blade-gap or rake-angle adjustments. These adjustments were introduced in later years as the frame assemblies of hydraulic shearing machines become more and more lightweight.

Our Design is Your Solution. Preci-Shear hydraulic guillotine shears are made using a massive frame structure that eliminates the need for making adjustments or corrections as you work. The weight and strength of our shearing machine frames is a force to be reckoned with, and outweighs the materials being cut when it comes to tensile strength. Heavy-duty frame and blade design gives you ultimate precision and control over your work pieces. Our presses offer the following standard features:

  • Easily cuts materials ¼ inch without adjustments
  • Simple industrial design allows for precise cuts
  • Standard D2 high carbon steel blades
  • Cuts varying sizes without adjusting
  • Blade-gap  & rake-angle are fixed
  • Easy to find replacement parts
  • Cutting materials will not fold
  • Heavy-duty frame assembly

Guillotine Shear Replacement Parts

Our guillotine shears are all made with commonly found parts and high quality materials. That means that in the rare event that you require a replacement part; it will readily be available from your local hydraulic or metal working shop. All of our parts are easy to find in throughout North America.

Quality Shearing Machine Blades

Our guillotine shears specifically come equipped with standard sectional blades made from high grade D2 high carbon tool steel. After careful and rigorous testing, we have determined that by using sectional blades we can offer a much more user friendly shearing machine. Because sectional blades (30.5”) are shorter than most other shearing machine blades (often 10’) they are much easier to handle and repair in the event that damage occurs. You can easily remove and take these sectional blades to your local machine shop for sharpening or minor repairs. Smaller blades save you a lot of time and money!

Custom Metal Fabrication Shops

People working in custom metal fabrication shops know the value of quality equipment. They also understand the need for a shearing machine to perform efficiently and consistently. Our guillotine shears do both of these effortlessly. When working on a custom metal fabrication project, it’s imperative that your bending machines and shearing machines perform properly the first time around. Having to go back after and make corrections or repairs is not only costly, but a waste of your time! It also adds time to your project’s expected delivery date, which can impact your ability to satisfy your customer’s expectations.

Get it Right the First Time

Hydraulic shears are a major piece of equipment. If you require a shearing machine for your metal fabrication projects Preci-Shear has two great shearing machines available. The MS-25-5 and the MS-25-10 both offer our standard heavy-duty quality and precision cutting abilities, as well as two different table lengths for your specific application. If you’re looking for a press that will perform consistently, have a long life and require little or no maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place.


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