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Easy to Find Spare Parts

Because Preci-Shear has designed our guillotine shears here in North America, using North American parts and materials; that means that you can easily find replacement parts at your local hydraulics repair shop or store. For any part or piece that is not available in your local shop, Preci-Shear carries an inventory to ensure that our customer's machines are always up and running.

Because we have used relatively common parts for our shearing machines, replacement and repair costs tend to be lower than those of our competitor's machines. North American made is great for business!

Keep Your Shop Up and Running

Having a machine go down is costly for business and can grind your entire production and daily operations to a standstill. Preci-Shear guillotine shears are the workhorse that never gives in. Day in and out they will perform with precision and power, allowing you to keep things running smoothly, as well as get your work done in a minimum amount of time. Having the right tools for the job makes working much simpler, efficient and profitable.

Going Steady and Strong

Although having easy to find replacement parts is convenient and a huge benefit, Preci-Shear Guillotine Shears often require no repairs or replacement parts for many years, due to their massive construction. If you are looking for an industrial shearing machine, take a look at our two available models, the MS-25-5 and the MS-25-10.

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