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The Importance of Creating a Positive Working Environment

September 29, 2015 The Importance of Creating a Positive Working Environment

With the current economic landscape being considered, it is immensely important for employers to create a happy work environment for their employees. Evidence shows that employees who feel valued are more likely to remain loyal, achieve a higher level of performance, are less likely to miss work, and are more supportive of necessary changes when they occur.

While more businesses are aware of this fact, there is a tendency to only appropriate this knowledge to office environments, however, this applies to all business situations, including those in the industrial scene.

      Show Appreciation and Validate your Employees

  • Consider employing a reward program aimed to acknowledge exceptional performance, effort, safety or commitment.
  • Establish an environment in which employees feel comfortable and safe in voicing their ideas and opinions. Having the capacity to have a voice allows employees to take ownership of their responsibilities in the company.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere that reflects comfort from home. Adding simple things such as TV, newspapers and magazines in the lunch room. Allow employees to personalize their workspace.

Operate with Suitable Equipment

  • Take steps to improve the quality of the workspace, such as ensuring that the air in the shop is clean, by providing purifiers or A/C where possible. These efforts will send a message to employees that they are valued.
  • Update to a more ergonomic environment to facilitate and restructure the work process. While it may be easier for office-based businesses to create an ideal working environment, providing the right equipment to support staff is immensely important for shop-based and plant-based businesses.  

Great work requires great tools. Something as simple as providing high quality hydraulic cutters from a reputable hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer like Preci-Shear can have an immense impact on the overall performance and happiness of machine shop workers. Besides, we all know what it’s like to try to accomplish something great with less than stellar equipment; it’s not easy and neither is it fun. Give your employees the best, contact Preci-Shear today!   

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