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Successful Metal Fabrication Calls for Heavy-Duty Players

September 10, 2013 North America Made Shearing Machines

Working with metal is a serious business. For anyone who has been involved in metal fabrication projects you will know that having the right equipment and tools for the job make life and your work much easier. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to scrap your work piece and start over, or to continually have to make adjustments or repairs as you work.

Metal Shearing Machines Made Right

Shearing machines make a heavy and labor-intense task relatively quick and painless. That is if you have a quality shearing machine with the backbone for heavy duty shearing applications. One major drawback of our competitors shearing machines is the fact that they are constructed using lightweight materials that cannot provide the resistance needed for precision cutting. Preci-Shear shearing machines are constructed using massive frames, thus backing our shear’s bite with a backbone that won’t bend or sway during a cut.

Guillotine Shear Replacement Parts. Preci-Shear guillotine shears are all made using easy to find parts and materials. That translates into saving money when it comes time to make repairs or replacements as time goes on. All of our guillotine shears use parts that you can pick up in your local hydraulics shop, or for replacements to other components, we carry those in stock. That means your machine will never sit idle for days or weeks waiting for items to be shipped from overseas.

Standard Shearing Machine Blades. Our guillotine shears come equipped with standard sectional blades made from high grade D2 high carbon tool steel. After careful and thorough testing, we decide to use sectional blades as the standard option on our shearing machines. This makes them much more useable and easier to repair, should the blade get damaged. Blades are easy to take out and replace, and can be done so by a single person. Your local machine shop will also be able to grind and sharpen these blades quickly and at a better price than the longer blades in other shearing machines.

North America Made Shearing Machines

Preci-Shear is a Canada-based company who has been in business for over 30 years now. We pride ourselves in engineering, manufacturing and delivering the best solutions in heavy machining equipment. Backed by the firm belief in quality, time-honored solutions, precision performance; we can supply you with the machine you need to get the job done.

Because we engineer our shearing machines, we are also able to customize machines for technical or specific applications. Call us today and find out how to get a Preci-Shear machine in your metal working shop today!

Precision. Quality. Performance. That's Preci-Shear.

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