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Five Ways To Reduce Noise In The Workplace

August 19, 2015 Reduce Noise In The Workplace Ear Muffs

Industrial machine shops can be really noisy environments. Machines such as a hydraulic cutter and a hydraulic guillotine shearing machine can add to that noise along with other equipment, and unfortunately, hydraulic guillotine shears manufactured by Preci-Shear are no exception to that rule. Protecting the hearing of those who work in this environment is a vital part of running a business. There are many rules and regulations that require ear protection in these types of companies. But sometimes the rules are not enough to protect the health of employees especially for those who do not follow the rules. As a company owner or a manager there are things that you can do that will help reduce noise and keep your workers safe. Hearing loss is a serious subject because once you have lost hearing you can never get it back. Below is a list of suggestions that you may find helpful in reducing noise in the workplace.

1. Enforce ear plug use

If you have notice that some of your employees are simply not wearing their ear plugs then something needs to be done. Call a meeting to explain the importance of wearing ear plugs and let your workers know that there will be consequences if you catch them without there ear plugs in. If they fail to follow instructions don't be afraid to reprimand them.

2. Isolate noisy equipment

If you have noisy equipment place it inside of a closed room and away from quieter areas. This will reduce the noise level for most workers and only those who work with the noisy machines will be required to wear ear protection. This will also make the work environment less stressful which will help reduce on the job accidents.

3. Utilize engineering controls

Machines that vibrate are often the cause of noise. A good way to cut down on noise is to isolate the machinery with anti-vibration mounts. This will help reduce noise and help prolong the life of your equipment as well. Also, use sound proofing panels whenever possible especially in areas of increase noise levels.

4. Use machine enclosures

Many hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers also sell machine enclosures that will go around your equipment. This will drastically reduce the noise and help protect your employees from hearing loss. Other types of equipment can also benefit from enclosures and can be purchased from the aftermarket or direct from the manufactures.

5. Limit the time spent in loud areas

Cutting down the time your employees spend in noisy areas will help reduce the risk of hearing loss. Create a time schedule so that each worker only spends a limited amount of time in these areas. This will keep your workers safe and increase productivity at the same time. Cutting exposure in half will reduce exposure by at least 3 dB.



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