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The Importance and Value of Standardized Hydraulic Cutters

August 10, 2015 Standardized Hydraulic Cutters

For metal working shops, it is essential to have hydraulic cutting machines that are designed to produce high levels of precision and specificity. The best way to ensure that the precision of a hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is to acquire a machine from a reputable manufacturer, such as Preci-Shear. Preci-Shear has developed a reputation for building high-quality hydraulic machines that produce consistent results. Another aspect of the designs produced by Preci-Shear is the fact that all of their designs are standardized, meaning that all of the parts of the machines are common and easy to replace.

Keeping it Simple

There has been a significant shift in the manufacturing of hydraulic shears, in which manufacturers are now building machines that are more lightweight than the machines in the past. These machines are using highly specific parts that can be extremely difficult to find and replace. There are some manufacturers like Preci-Shear that have decided that if it is not broken, there is no need to fix it. First of all they discovered that the lighter machines suffer in the area of stability, which negatively impacts the precision and consistency of the machine. They realized the heavier weight plays a substantial role in stabilizing the machine.

Preci-Shear also understood that machine longevity and up-time is immensely important to their customers. Preci-Shear is hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer that places an exorbitant amount of focus on building machines that have a very high uptime. One way that they do this is by designing machines that are standardized in design and parts. The Standardization of the design means that the maintenance of the machines is much easier to perform.

Guillotine Shear Replacement Parts

Due to the fact that standardized machines are manufactured with common parts that are of the highest quality, the performance of the machine is exceptional. While the high quality guarantees the longevity of the machine, the common parts ensure that there will not be any difficulty located parts when it is time to replace them. Replacing the parts regularly, or at the first sign of wearing will ensure that the hydraulic shearing machine will operate at an optimal level, which guarantees that the customer will have an efficient and productive work flow in their machine shop.

Quality Shearing Machine Blades

When it comes to a guillotine shearing press, the blades on the press are immensely important to its performance, and the ability to replace them when necessary is paramount to keeping the machine working at a maximum level. For this reason, standardized blades are extremely valuable to the entire process. The more contemporary designs have blades that are unique to the design, which means that they will be more difficult to locate, which also means that the blades will be more expensive than the standardized blades like the standard sectional blades on the Preci-Shear guillotine shearing press.

While it may be tempting to test the new hydraulic shearing machine designs, experience reveals that the standardized designs have greater longevity, and they are less expensive to maintain.



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