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A Look at the Crucial Role Hydraulic Cutters Play in the Recycling Industry

June 12, 2015 Role Hydraulic Cutters

According to a study commissioned by the National Waste and Recycling Association, almost one-third of Americans are uncertain about what can and cannot be recycled, as well as the potential consequences of placing recyclables in the wrong container. This provides the perfect opportunity to discuss recycling and the key role that industrial shredding machines play in waste management and recycling in the disposal and manufacturing industry.

The Role of Shears and Shredders in the Recycling Industry

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machines are primarily used in the recycling industry to process and break down large pieces of material, such as old farm equipment, pipes, heavy plates, and automobiles. They are frequently needed to cut down material into a specific size and density that can be better managed by the recycling center. However, hydraulic cutters can be used throughout the recycling industry to shred down waste materials, such as asphalt, plastics, rubber, and wood, into small pieces that can then be sold or distributed to the public as a useful product.

In the recycling industry, shredders are categorized by the type of process they are involved in. For example,

Chippers: Materials are fed into chippers to pulverize materials into chips or flakes.

Grinders: Grinders are used to pulverize materials into granular products.

Granulators: Primarily used for recycling plastics, knives are used to reduce parts into fine particles that are easier to reuse.

Hammermills: A variety of materials can be processed using hammermills. Pulverized or shattered materials are the end result.

Shear shredders: Using guillotine style knives or rotary cutters, shear shredders cut materials down into manageable sizes.

Shredders can also be beneficial when working with biodegradable materials. Shredding these materials will cause them to decompose faster and also makes it easier to compact them into a smaller space with less voids, resulting in a base that is more stable for future development.

Pay Attention to Where You Place Your Recyclables

While almost anything can be recycled, it is important to put the right materials in the correct bin. This prevents contamination and damage to the equipment, as well as preserves the quality of the recycling stream.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an estimated 75 percent of American waste is recyclable, yet we only recycle around 30 percent of it. This number is particularly sad when you realize that more than 87 percent of Americans have easy access to drop off or curbside recycling programs. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have to take a more active role in recycling.

At Preci-Shear we are committed to helping leave the planet in better condition than the way we found it. As hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality machines using the most advanced shearing machine technology available today. We are proud to have our hydraulic cutters in recycling centers throughout the United States.


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