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A Look at the Process of Recycling Metal

May 27, 2015 A Look at the Process of Recycling Metal

As one of the few metals that can be completely recycled and used to save tons of coal, iron ore, and energy, it is critical that your company take every opportunity to recycle steel, regardless of its size or thickness. This is because a hydraulic guillotine shearing machine can be used to cut down the biggest and strongest pieces of metal into a much more manageable size. The following offers you an inside look at the metal recycling process and why it is so important.

Recycling Starts With Sorting and Dismantling

 With any type of material, the first part of the recycling process involves sorting everything by hand, according to the type of object and material, and then dismantling them. During the dismantling process, a hydraulic cutter is frequently used to cut down large pieces of metal to make it easier to take them apart.

After everything has been sorted by hand as thoroughly as possible, they are fed into a mechanical shredder. While the hydraulic shears use pressure to cut through large pieces, the shredder is used to break these pieces down further into more uniform pieces. This makes it easier to separate the remaining products.


 After the products have been shredded and separated, the remaining materials are compacted into large bales, totes designed for easy transportation and handling, or Gaylord style bulk boxes. At this point, the reclaimed materials are sold to various industries that then use them to make new products.

How Has Recycling Impacted the Steel Industry?

 For the last 150 years, the steel industry has opted to recycle steel, whenever possible, because it is much more cost effective to recycle steel than it is to mine and process the ore that is needed to produce new steel. Currently, more than that 60 percent of US produced steel is made from recycled scrap.

What is Recycled Steel Used For?

Due to its durability and strength, steel is a versatile metal that plays a significant part in our daily lives. It is used on a variety of objects including:

  • Bridges and railroads.
  • Bolts, nails, nuts, and screws.
  • Cabinets, doors, and other parts of appliances that are frequently made of galvanized steel.
  • Cans and other “tin plate” containers.
  • A wide variety of other things, including cars and skyscrapers.

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