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Shears That Make A Difference

August 13, 2014 Shears That Make A Difference

if you are in the market for a hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, your first consideration should be the quality of the materials used to make it.

This will directly affect:

  • the precision of the blades
  • how much downtime you need to plan for
  • how often it needs maintenance
  • how often parts will need to be replaced
  • the ease or difficulty of finding replacement parts

Consider a Preci-Shear hydraulic cutter for your needs. A leader in the field of hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers, it offers a selection of the most well constructed pieces of equipment you can buy. Its products standout in four ways.

Sturdy materials

In the past all shearing machines were made with large amounts of both steel and cast iron. These hard-wearing and durable materials did not require adjustments for blade-gap or rake-angle.

The now-standard adjustments only became necessary after lightweight components became the norm for frame assemblies among most manufacturers. These materials have a propensity to deflect during the cutting process.

But not at Preci-Shear, which still uses heavy duty frames and traditional designs.

Built-in precision

Because the framework is heavy duty, the Preci-Shear products require few if any corrections or adjustments during use. The sheer massiveness of the equipment outweighs the components that are cut in the area of tensile strength.

In addition, the blade design is made for precision cutting, providing exact control during the process.

When working on a custom metal fabrication project, it is important for both speed and economics to get it right the first time. If an operator has to go back and redo the job because the results weren’t precise, you lose money and time on the job, as well as miss deadlines.

In the long run, it pays for itself many times over to invest in a quality precision shearing machine.

Quality blades in a smaller size

All blades in Preci-Shear machinery are made from high grade D2 high carbon tool steel. These are standard sessional blades, easy to find and replace if necessary.

Preci-Shear uses sectional blades, which make it easier for operators to use the equipment. They are shorter than those found on most shearing machinery, just 30.5 inches rather than in sizes up to 10 feet This makes them simpler to handle and, if necessary, repair.

Their operator-friendly size makes them easy to remove and take to a local machine shop for sharpening or minor fixes.

Its presses and blades have a number of features that contribute to the company’s reputation for precision.

These include:

• materials can be cut one-quarter inch without adjustments

• no adjustments necessary for cuts of various sizes

• D2 high carbon steel blades are standard

• fixed blade-gap and rake-angle

• no folding on cutting materials

• heavy duty frame

Ease of finding replacement parts

Spare parts for a Preci-Shear hydraulic guillotine shearing machine are easy to find, which means you don’t have to wait for suppliers to locate special components that are hard to locate. Made with the highest quality materials, our machinery parts seldom need replacing. But if they do, you won’t have to worry about extended downtime.

When you are in the market for a hydraulic cutter, consider the products at Preci-Shear. With its reputation for quality and precision, you save time, materials and money on every job.



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