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Quality and Detail with Hydraulic Shearing Machines

March 09, 2015 Quality and Detail with Hydraulic Shearing Machines


The metal working industry has definitely developed over the course of the last several decades. There has been an increased demand for custom metal products that require an exceptionally high level of specificity. This has placed an enormous amount of pressure on metal working shops to find hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers who have the capacity to provide hydraulic cutters that are of the highest quality, while possessing the capacity to provide a final product that is highly precise. This is an area in which companies like Preci-Shear have excelled in, year after year.

A Quality Design Forged by Experience

In a technology driven culture, it can be easy for a company to get caught up in all the hype about innovation and technology, causing them to lose sight of the simplicity and effectiveness of their existing designs. It is important for these companies to understand that there are certain aspects of the design and manufacturing process that don’t need major shifts or improvements. Preci-Shear quickly discovered that the lighter weight metal materials that many manufacturers were using did not offer the stability necessary for high precision cutting, so they have chosen to continue to design and build their hydraulic guillotine shearing machine with a massive frame structure that has the weight and base necessary to ensure the stability of the cutting process.

The weight and strength of the machine are vital to its ability to make detailed, precise cuts, and the company simply was not willing to compromise performance for the sake of innovative design. Innovation is supposed to improve performance, and in those cases in which it does not, the manufacturer must be willing to go in the direction that works.

Consistent Quality

Metal cutting and working companies are faced with multitudinous jobs that are specific to each client, meaning that they need hydraulic machines that have the capacity to meet a wide variety of highly specific requirements. This is why finding a hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer that has the ability to consistently produce machines that are up to the task each and every time is paramount. There are not too many things that have the capacity to frustrate a job or project like inconsistent production. These metal cutting companies need machines that produce the exact same results each and every time.

A quality hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer invests a lot of effort into the design and manufacturing process in order to ensure that the machines that they provide to their customers will perform at the highest level. One area that many of the new innovative designs have failed in is in the heavy-duty frame structure. When the structure of the frame is not large enough and strong enough to support the workload of the machine, it leads to a lack of precision and quality cutting. The companies that are standing out in this area, are companies that understand the importance of a solid frame.


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