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March 25, 2015 guillotine shears blades

The Power of Precision to Increase the Efficiency of Hydraulic Cutting Machines

The metal working industry has been revolutionized as technology has imposed its will on the capacity and performance of metal working machinery, such as presses and cutting machines; however, this new capacity has come with a greater demand from customers as far as quality and specificity is concerned. This means that metal working shops are looking for machines that are designed and manufactured with detail and quality in mind. Preci-Shear has developed a stellar reputation for building machines that possess the capacity to consistently produce highly detailed and precise metal products.

The Elements of Precision

When it comes to creating a hydraulic cutter that is designed to produce work that is highly precise, a great deal of consideration has to go into the design and manufacturing process. According to a survey conducted by the LENOX Institute of Technology, revealed that metal manufacturers agree that the best method of impacting precision, quality and detail is by engaging the internal mechanism of the machinery. This means that the same attention to detail that produces a fine finished product must go into building the machine that will be responsible for cutting the product.

Customized Solution

Another way that Preci-Shear is able to assist metal working companies produce products that meet the high standards of their customer is through their ability to customize designs that are specific to the customer’s needs. Preci-Shear has developed a stellar reputation for creating guillotine shears that have unique designs based on the specific project that the customer is working on. This provides the confidence necessary for the customer to be sure that they will produce consistent work time and time again.

In addition to the precision that is produced through the hydraulic shearing machines made by this manufacturer, there is also an exceptional level of durability associated with their machines. This is because they use massive, heavy frame structures that create the stability that ensures that machine operators don’t have to constantly make adjustments. Additionally, the frame construction also contributes to the longevity of the equipment.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

One problem that many metal shop owners have with many of the new innovative hydraulic cutters is the fact that finding the appropriate replacement parts can be a challenge; however, Preci-Shear is manufactured using universal parts that can be easily found. Also, these parts are of the highest quality, meaning that they don’t wear easily. However, in the case of that rare moment in which a part does need to be replaced, locating the part will be easy.

High Quality Shearing Blades

No matter how well-built the shearing machine is, if the blades are of a low quality, the end product will also be of poor quality. Preci-Shear makes sectional blades made from carbon tool steal standard on all of their hydraulic cutting machines. These sectional blades create a more user-friendly experience for the operator, subsequently creating a more proficient and efficient process.

There is no substitute for quality, and Preci-Shear is committed to making quality a priority with every last guillotine shear that they manufacture. This is why they remain one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.


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