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Is It Time to Replace Your Hydraulic Shearing Machine?

July 03, 2014 Is It Time to Replace Your Hydraulic Shearing Machine?

As hydraulic shearing manufacturers, we at Preci-Shear, understand that having your machinery go down can wreak havoc on your business and bring everything to an abrupt halt costing you precious time and money. To make certain your business continues to operate efficiently, it is important to be aware of any indications that your hydraulic shearing machine may be in need of replacement. Let's look at how to assess the machinery you currently own for warning signs, as well as any other possible reasons it may be time to look for a replacement.

Assessing Your Current Machinery

 While there are certain parts of your machines, such as the shear blades, that you probably check consistently, there are sure to be other parts that you pay less attention to. Things that should be assessed on a routine basis include:

The drive motor to make certain there is sufficient supply voltage at the shears and the electrical leads are correctly sized.

Check the ram to make certain it is going up and down like it is supposed to.

Check the position and operation of the control potentiometer, as well as the low side and high side potentiometer. Also, examine the functioning ability of the tri-pressure relieve valve, main operating valve, rake control valve, piston rod seals, hold down valve, and counterbalance check valve.

Check the knives on your hydraulic cutter, the filter element, guards, hydraulic fluid levels, and configuration settings.

Examine whether or not your needs have changed since you purchased your equipment.

Did your business increase significantly in the time since you purchased your shearing machine? If your machine is in constant use, it will definitely age much more quickly and you may want to consider upgrading your machine before it gives out and you are left without one. In addition, consider any changes in what your machine has been cutting. If you were initially using your hydraulic cutter to cut aluminum and you are now using it to cut cast iron, it would be smart to think about purchasing an upgraded model that can better handle abrasive materials.

Make certain your hydraulic guillotine machine is still delivering everything you expect from it.

Have you noticed that there are times when sheets are coming out slightly off in regards to width or length? Are you satisfied with the angle of the cutting edge and the finish of the grind? If you have noticed that your results are just not quite what they used to be, this can be a sign of potential trouble. After all, the finish of the grind and the angle of the cutting edge are a significant indicator of how well your shear is performing, as well as how much longer it may last.

Preci-Shear is proud to be one of the top hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers. If your machinery is showing signs that it may be time for a replacement, we can help you find a new one that best fits your business' needs.


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