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The Importance of Hydraulic Oil Compatibility

April 15, 2015 The Importance of Hydraulic Oil Compatibility

Due to the wide variety of hydraulic oils, as well as additives, that are available for use in hydraulic guillotine cutting machines, it is important to have an understanding of hydraulic oil compatibility. After all, one tiny mistake can completely derail your production resulting in lost time and money while your hydraulic cutter is being repaired or in some situations, even replaced.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Oil

​You should follow the equipment manufacturer’s specifications when determining which hydraulic oil to use with your equipment. However, you should also factor in the temperature range in which the machine will be operated. There are times, such as under unusual operating conditions, when the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer will not offer the needed protection. If this is the case, it is important to consult with the equipment manufacturer, and potentially the oil supplier.

The Four Major Categories of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

​According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), there are four groups of fire resistant hydraulic fluids. They include:

  • HFA fluids have almost identical chemical characteristics to that of water. They can only be used in equipment that is intended for use with water.
  • HFB fluids perform similarly to petroleum oil in some situations. They are water emulsions in oil that have a 60 percent oil content.
  • HFC, or water glycols, consist of 35-45% water, as well as viscosity boosting thickeners. They are the most commonly used fire resistant hydraulic fluid because they are able to operate almost all equipment that is intended for oil. However, in some cases, the pressure, speed, and temperature of the system may require adjustment because HFC only has a temperature range of -30°C to 60°C.
  • HFD doesn’t contain water, oil, or petroleum. As a result, it is considered to be synthetic. While they are high performing fluids that have low levels of aquatic toxicity and are biodegradable, they typically cost twice as much as petroleum oil.

Why Oil Compatibility is Crucial?

​Using the wrong hydraulic oil can have a significant impact on your entire hydraulic guillotine cutting machine system. Additionally, the act of correcting the problem can take an extended period of time and be quite expensive. During this time, your equipment is unusable which will drastically affect your production. Compatibility charts are available to assist you with the selection of the correct hydraulic oil. In many cases, they can be found in the hydraulic shearing machine manual.

​Whether you are in need of new hydraulic guillotine shears or you simply have additional questions regarding oil compatibility, Preci-Shear can help you. Known for using only the highest quality materials during the manufacturing process, as well as utilizing the most advanced shearing machine technology available today, Preci-Shear has developed a well-deserved reputation for outperforming the competition time and time again.


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