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How Sheet Metal Changed the World of Metal Working

September 11, 2015 How Sheet Metal Changed the World of Metal Working

The art of working with metal goes back hundreds of years ago, throughout history mankind has changed the way metal is formed and how it is used. Metal has been and is still utilized in the fabrication of weapons, structures, cars and trains, to name a few. But how was the important procedure of allowing metal to become both lightweight and durable developed?

The History of Sheet Metal

One of the most important developments in the world of metal production was the invention of sheet metal. It is hard to put an exact date when the process of sheet metal was first used, but we know that people started working with thin metals such as copper, gold and silver during prehistoric times. Working with thin iron came many years there-after. Since iron was only workable when hot and soft it challenges with thickness were significant in the past. A major breakthrough came when the rolling mill was developed.

A Turning Point in the History of Metal Work

When the rolling mill was invented, it changed the world of metal working forever. In the year 1590, the first rolling mill was brought to life, thanks to Leonardo da Vinci! The rolling mill utilized two heavy cylinders to press different types of metals altering their thickness. The first rolling mills were very basic and achieving different metal thickness was limited. Later advancements allowed for variations in thickness with the use of hydraulics. This process is now known as cold rolling. Instead of using heat to transform metal types, pressure is used which allows for thin sheets of metal to be produced.

Working with Sheet Metal

After the invention of the rolling mill, other machines were invented in order to work with this newly thin metal. Today, many different types of machines that are used to cut, shape, form, and connect sheet metal in order to transform the product. We now refer to these machines as finishing machines and they are used in every part of the world. High-end machinery such as the hydraulic cutter, hydraulic sheering machine or guillotine shear are used to process sheet metal allowing it to be turned into many amazing creations.

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