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Important Safety Guidelines to Follow When Using a Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

June 16, 2014 Important Safety Guidelines to Follow When Using a Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Due to its powerful performance abilities, hydraulic guillotine shearing machines also have the ability to cause significant injuries when not used properly. At Preci-Shear we are dedicated to ensuring all operators have an understanding of the safety guidelines to follow, as set forth by hydraulic guillotine shearing machine manufacturers. Let’s look at several of the most important safety precautions that should be taken every time this machine is in use.

Before Getting Started

  • Anyone using the hydraulic cutter should have received proper training on how to operate the machine.
  • Thoroughly check the machine before even turning it on. This includes examining all parts to make certain they are in good working condition with the appropriate amount of lubrication, screws tightened in place, and sharp blades. Additionally, check gas levels and the working pressure. This should not exceed 90%of the rated pressure equipment.
  • Assess your work area to make certain the area is clear of clutter that could potentially cause you to fall, as well as has sufficient lighting.
  • Make certain you have all personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to operate the machine safely including safety glasses and gloves.
  • Finally, set up a safety border to ensure others do not get into your way.

While Operating the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

  • Make certain any available safety enhancements, such as light curtains or rear guards, are in place.
  • Always keep a lookout for overheating or smoking. Turn the power off immediately if this occurs.
  • If the machine stops functioning, ensure the power supply is turned completely off. Then, check your lubricating oil levels and try cleaning the hydraulic cutter. If this does not remedy the problem, find the guillotine shearing machine’s user manual for further insight in to the problem. Do not begin to operate the guillotine shearing machine again until you are absolutely certain it is in perfect working order.
  • Ensure you have the right size blades for the material you are using. Before feeding any material through the blades, check the placement of your fingers and hands to ensure they are not in harm’s way.
  • Watch for trash buildup. If debris begins to collect, cut the power to the machine completely off and dispose of it per your company’s policies.
  • Do not exceed the manufacturers’ rated capacity.
  • Alter the barrel distance to the one that is in accordance with the thickness of the plate.      

After You Have Completed Your Project

  • Make certain power to the machine is completely cut off.
  • Remove any trash and debris that has accumulated on the machine. Clean off the machine per your employers’ protocol.
  • Place the machine back in its assigned location.


At Preci-Shear, we know that a hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is an invaluable piece of equipment. However, it is essential that all safety precautions be followed to make certain no one is injured while operating this powerful piece of equipment.


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