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Get Things Done Easily and Effectively With a Hydraulic Cutter

December 23, 2014 Get Things Done Easily and Effectively With a Hydraulic Cutter

In virtually any type of factory setting, it is absolutely essential to find new and innovative ways to get more work done in less time. There are many ways to accomplish this, not the least of which are ironworking machines from companies. These machines include hydraulic cutters, hydraulic guillotine shearing machines and similar types of industrialized machinery. There are many reasons that these types of machines can make a huge difference in any industrial operation. They are more precise and they can get the job done faster with fewer personnel. This makes them highly sought after but there are still important things that should be considered before anyone makes the decision to purchase a particular type of machine.

Hydraulic Cutter

A hydraulic cutter is a rather large machine that cuts metal and other materials that are hard to cut using hydraulic fluid as its source of pressure. The hydraulic cutter has many advantages, hence the reason it is so popular. It is able to make cuts very quickly and it is relatively easy to use. In fact, in the hands of a skilled individual it is one of the easiest machines to use and it yields excellent results. It makes precise cuts and it also can be purchased in either single or dual cylinder versions. The single cylinder version typically has either three or four workstations, while a dual cylinder machine usually has five. These five stations include cutting beams and channels, angle iron, notching, shearing and punching. Moreover, the dual cylinder machine allows two people to work at two different stations at the same time.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is even more powerful than a traditional hydraulic cutter. It makes a clean break when cutting almost any type of metal, but it is so powerful that it can sometimes distort the metal. This is because it uses so much force to make its cut that it sometimes pulls in additional parts of the metal inadvertently. Unlike the scissor shears that have a high rake angle, a guillotine shearing machine has a low rake angle. This means that the cut is made in a near vertical fashion. The machine may have either a variable or a fixed rake angle. The guillotine shearing machine is typically used when the maximum amount of metal needs to be cut as accurately as possible. However, a great deal of tonnage is required so it can sometimes distort the metal along the edges, as previously mentioned.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers

While there are a number of manufacturers for machines such as these, one of the most well-known is Preci-Shear. The most important thing to remember for any organization that is considering purchasing these types of machines is that they should be purchased by a manufacturer that is able to deliver high quality machines and provide comprehensive support and service for them after the purchase. Preci-Shear is able to accomplish all of these needs. Therefore, they have become one of the most well-known organizations in the manufacturing industry.


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