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Controlling Your Cut-to-Length Line

September 26, 2014 Controlling Your Cut-to-Length Line

Using your hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, there are many factors to consider when choosing the control system and drive for your cut-to-length line. However, once this is complete there are still various issues that can make it difficult to control your cut-to-length line effectively. The following examines several of the most common problems experienced during this process.

The following issues are most often encountered with shorter lengths.

  • Your equipment is worn out.

Certain parts of the hydraulic cutter, such as belts or gearboxes, tend to wear out quickly, as well as chatter or demonstrate other uneven characteristics. Pay careful attention to your parts and be sure to replace them as needed.

  • The mechanical portion of your hydraulic shearing machine is not functioning properly.

 It is not unusual for feed rolls to slip on the material being cut, especially when faced with a rapid acceleration rate. This will result in incorrect cut lengths. Additionally, you may have the acceleration rate set at a rate too high for the mechanical section of your hydraulic guillotine shearing machine to control. This will also cause your cut-to-length lines to be off.

  • Your motor does not accelerate quickly.

The motor of your shearing machine requires a sufficient amount of torque to bring the connected inertia up to the highest speed possible in the time that is allowed. When it is not able to do this, uneven cut-to-length lines can be the result.

  • Your machine cannot meet the number of strokes needed.

Depending on the type of shear you have and the maximum number of strokes per minute it is able to reach, your cut-to-length line may be off. In most cases, this sets the maximum number of pieces per minute (PPM) that the line is able to efficiently manage.‚Äč

The following problems are more prevalent with longer cut-to-length lines.

  • Your leveler speed is insufficient.

To determine the maximum pieces per minute (PPM), take the maximum speed at the leveler and divide it by the cut length. Also, make certain that your loop contains enough material for what is needed.

  • The maximum feeder length is not fast enough.

You do have the option of altering the selected gear ratio to permit a faster motor speed. However, this will result in decreased torque and some of the benefits associated with smaller reflected inertia.

While they are things that can be done to overcome problems controlling your cut-to-length line, you usually have to make a compromise somewhere else. For example, if you try to use larger motors, you will often be faced with diminished returns.

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