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A Quick Look at Hydraulic Shears and Press Brakes

October 17, 2014 A Quick Look at Hydraulic Shears and Press Brakes

How familiar are you with the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine? At Preci-Shear, we stay updated on the latest shearing machine technology to ensure that we continue to be one of the top hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers in a crowded field. Using traditional designs, our guillotine shears have a heavy duty frame that constantly outperforms the competition. You can expect precision cutting abilities, different table lengths, consistent performance, and a long life with all equipment purchased at Preci-Shear.

Are you on the lookout for a new hydraulic guillotine shearing machine? The following takes a quick look at some of the most important details you should know regarding hydraulic shears and press brakes.

Types of Shearing Machines

There are two categories of shearing machines: hydraulic and mechanical. However, the mechanical shear has been phased out over time due to its excessive noise production, difficult to adjust blade gaps, and lack of overload capacity.

A Breakdown of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic machines are divided based on their guillotine type or swing beam type. While cutting, the swing beam machine must swing out in a circular arc. This movement can be very difficult and requires an additional iron pad for compensation. This causes the blade gap to be inaccurate, resulting in inferior plates. The blade can only form an acute angle, which results in severe wear and tear to the blade.

Press Brakes

Press brakes are primarily hydraulic powered, but are more technologically advanced than a shearing machine. There are different types available, with the most commonly used being the F-type and G-type. Featuring a traditional design, the F-type achieves accurate positioning using the built-in adjustable block stop. However, this can make it difficult to withstand bias load. In addition, the F-type is typically more difficult to maintain and clean.

The G-type assumes it’s mechanical positioning using the outer slide plate. Although it performs better than the F-type, it is a much simpler structure and allows for machine testing that is extremely convenient. It is designed to be easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with this machine. This is because you can add an iron pad to the blade to eliminate any angle differences between the upper and lower blades.

There is a third type of press brake, the H-type that is rather different from the F and G-type. It features a unique lever structure that maximizes the pressing force. This makes it ideal for large tonnage applications. However, because it includes an electro-hydraulic numeric control system it allows for the metal to be positioned perfectly for high precision pressing.

The Importance of Choosing Quality Equipment

 Your shearing machine should perform reliably and proficiently, particularly when working on a custom metal fabrication project. This will prevent costly mistakes that can also end up costing you lots of wasted time. If you are in need of a high quality shearing machine, Preci-Shear can satisfy all of your needs.



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